Rajni Chaudhary Youtuber Business, Age, Cars Collection, Wiki, Bio


Rajni Chaudhary Wikipedia

Real Name: Rajni Chaudhary

Profession: YouTuber

Nationality: Indian

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Race/Ethnicity: Asian, Indian

Dead or Alive: Alive

Age (How Old?)

Date of Birth: She was born in the year 1989

Age (in 2021): 32 years old

Height (How Tall?)

Height in feet: 5 feet 5 inches (Rajni Chaudhary speaks about her height in almost every car review video on her youtube channel)

Rajni Chaudhary Business


Her Audi has 0007 VIP number

Rajni chaudhary is an MBA degree holder and is the CEO of a company established by her parents. Basically she takes care of her family businesses which has multiple firms throughout India with headquarters at Gurugram, Haryana where Rajni stays with her brother and parents. As per sources her relative is also a Judge in a local District court of Haryana. Business which Chaudhary family works is related to marketing, product development and real estate as well. However, Rajni doesn’t want to share her personal life in detail with people aan we must respect her privacy.

Rajni Chaudhary Biography

  • She starts her day with a morning walk which lasts from 15 minutes to an hour. She sips green tea on an empty stomach. Yes, thats the secret of her clear beautiful skin!
  • She drinks protein shake post her morning walk before getting ready to online and office meetings.
  • She likes to meet her friends daily, yes daily! She feels this keeps her boring routine at bay and it makes her happy.
  • Rajni is not a full time youtuber, perhaps Youtube channel is not the only source of her income. She started her channel only as a hobby, to materialise her passion for cars.
  • Chaudhary loves to dress like a teenager. Basically she loves dressing up and she can be seen in all avatars, from traditional wear to short skirts! Her milky legs are appreciated by her fans.


  • She is a big foodie! She prefers eating short meeting throughout the day. Rajni can often be seen in various restaurants on youtube.


  • Chaudhary loves to shop! She is a big shopaholic.


  • She speaks with utmost honesty, open her heart out for the audience. People love to watch her videos on youtube without skipping even a second. Her cheerful smile, beautiful face and sexy body are always enjoyed  and appreciated by her followers.
  • Her official Youtube Channel named ‘Rajni Chaudhary’  was started in the year 2021 itself and within a mater on months she managed to gather more than 1,00,000 subscribers, which are increasing day by day rampantly as all her videos are going viral, especially the car reviews.
  • She is unmarried and doesn’t even have a boyfriend.
  • Her father is a Judge! Yes, that can be seen by the JUDGE sticker on one of her Fortuner car.


Rajni Chaudhary Car Collection

Thousands of Rajni’s fans wants to know about her car collection. Here you will find images of all the car she owns. Her favorite cars are Toyota Fortuner and Audi Q7.