Paul Konrad WGN, Family, Wife, Age, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth


Paul Konrad MGN


Paul Konrad was born on April 3, 1965. Thus he is 53 years old as in 2018.


He is a famous television personality who anchors new for WGN channel, Chicago.

Net Worth

Paul’s estimated net worth is around $70,000.


He stands taller than many of his fellow news anchors. Since, he is taller than Pat Tomasulo, who is 5 ft 8 in tall, thus, Konrad may be around 5 ft 10 in.

Wife & Kids

Paul Konrad is a married man and has 4 children, namely, Klaus, Lilliana, Von Zygmunt, and Elsa.

Paul Konrad Wiki/Biography

Paul Konrad is Regarded as one of the top news anchors in the world.

He is a graduate from DePaul University. After his graduation, he did his masters from Mississippi State University in Meteorology. Earlier, he had completed his schooling from the Waubonsie Valley High School.

He has also received a Master of Arts degree in TV, Radio and Films from Northwestern University. Perhaps, he feels that his drama degree has helped him sustain his work as ‘drama queens’ are ubiquitous these days.

Paul was born in Naperville, Illinois.  

He has a brother named Christopher.

He can also be said as a source of happiness for families as he can cheer one up through his anchoring.

His jokes, royal smile and the presentation style makes him very unique. Also, this ensures that people enjoy every minute of his anchoring and reporting.

His career as an anchor began with channels like CLTV, WAKA-TV and WFTS-TV. 

He entered WGN in the year 1996. Since then, he has taken up diverse shows on the channel. However the morning 6-10am show WGN Morning is still the most famous show of Paul Konrad.

Courtesy Desk programme is another popular show on the channel where Paul discusses the viewers opinion with his colleagues.

His weekly ‘Friday Forecaster’ show is very interactive as he brings children to host the show to forecast live weather every Friday.

Did you know? All popular social media accounts of WGN channel is handled by Paul himself.

In 2016, listed his as the second best news person. Moreover, he has bagged myriad awards in the past for his work.

Konrad feels that his family is always the number one priority for him.

He has a very special place in his heart for his mother. Shockingly, his mother was grown up in an orphanage and struggled a lot in her life.

Reportedly, residents of Chicago feels that the weather report had never been so fun and interesting.

Paul has served as a Youth Minister for over 2 years in Eastwood Presbyterian Church, Montgomery, Alabama.

Did you know? Konrad was seen acting as a waiter in the 1998 film ‘Felicity’.

He suggests everyone to be happy and appreciate the small things in life. Perhaps, making people laugh has always been Paul Konrad’s intrinsic aim.