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Jael Strauss was one of the most popular American Model. She rose to fame after her participation in the 2007 show America’s Top Model.

Height – She was 5 ft 11 in (1.8 m) tall

Weight – She weighed around 60 kg (132lb). However, her weight rapidly dropped while battling cancer.

Jael Strauss was born on 3rd July 1984, thus her age was 34 years at the time of death. Interestingly, she died on the 45th birthday of model Tyra Banks.

The cause of her death was Breast Cancer, which did not come as a surprise to her fans since she had already announced her disease, stage 4 cancer, on social media in the month of October.


Reportedly, Jael was told by the doctors that the disease has already crossed the treatable stage and despite regular chemo, there wouldn’t be any remarkable improvement in the quality and longevity of life. Thus, acknowledging the progression of cancer, she decided to stop the chemotherapy and spend her last days at home by entering into a hospice.

The 34-year-old model was fortunate enough to have supportive fans who even created a Go Fund Me page to collect funds for her treatment.

The real cause of her breast cancer could not be known, but worldwide such cases are rampantly growing. This calls for greater awareness of this deadly disease.

Did you know? Jael Strauss was a drug addict and had been under de-addiction and rehab several times.


She first confessed about her drug addiction on Dr. Phil TV show in the year 2012.

The model participated in the 2007 show America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). However, she could only score the sixth position.

Her birthplace is Detroit, Michigan, United States.

Did you know? Jael Strauss did not want to die. She was praying for a miracle to happen. But cancer had spread ubiquitously all over her body and was irreversible.

Parents– Her mother is an African-American while her father is German and Jewish.

Siblings– She has a brother named Brandon.

Her zodiac sign was also Cancer! astonishing isn’t it?

Jael followed the Christianity religion and held the citizenship of America.

She wore a bra of size 34B, shoes of size 7 (US) and had tattoos all over her body which gave her a distinct look as she had blonde hair and brown eye color. Moreover, she had healthy legs too.


Her career as a model had frequent ups and downs. During her struggling phase, she grabbed a contract from Otto Models. Soon she launched her own clothing line with Hitch Couture. Later, she participated in the American Next model and grabbed a place amongst the top six contestants.

Strauss’s drug addiction not only took a toll on her body but also affected her modeling career. She had to cancel shows and contracts often. However, she soon developed the willpower and overcame the addiction, after which she modeled for The Legging Project and, HeartWater.

She was seen as an actress in movies like Wrath/Anger (2008), S&M: Sex & Money (2008) and Goreality (2009).

Did you know? The drug addiction literally robbed her looks, money, and career. She went homeless and almost became unrecognizable. This phase of her life paved the way for cancer which eventually turned into stage 4.


Jael Strauss Before

Jael Strauss used to be active on Instagram. Perhaps all details of her health were officially conveyed by her on Instagram itself.

She remained unmarried thought her life. Though she had been with many men in the past, she was secluded and isolated during her last days.

She breathed her last on 4th December 2018.

It is believed that the treatment cost for Rapid Progressive Metastatic Inflammatory Breast cancer was too much to handle for Jael Strauss and it is because of her financial condition that she gave up the treatment. Also, there has been news about hefty medical bills still pending at the hospital. Moreover, her fans have also created a page to collect funds for her last rituals.